Control technology for multi purpose ventilators

Switch settings:

I.   Outer flaps OPEN – Inner flaps SHUT

II. Outer flaps SHUT – Inner flaps OPEN
III.Outer flaps SHUT – Inner flaps SHUT

Re III: Outer flaps SHUT / Outer flaps cylinder locked /
Inner flap line vented / Springs pull inner flaps SHUT
There are various ways of controlling the multi-purpose ventilators. They can, for instance,
be manually operated via a switch with positions I, II and III, which is integrated in the
pneumatic control box. An automatic system can also be integrated, using with overnight cooling is possible. The rain sensor closes the units automatically when it starts to rain. The alarm box is linked to the pneumatic control box via an override valve. The ventilation and smoke/heat extraction function can thus be controlled via the same network.