VenturiAir light and ventilation system

Whilst the VenturiLight represents a pure light element, the VenturiAir is used a light and ventilation system. Both are made of an aluminium frame construction fitted with a 16mm polycarbonate multi-wall panel. Compared with standard roof openings, VenturiAir offers in addition to its flexibility regarding the construction sizes enormous possibilities for saving energy due to its infills. Infills boost a high UV-stability and best light transmission values at a shadow-free light diffusion.

VenturiAir can be mounted either on a EUROSOCKEL (plinth) or on top of all other standard curbs. For special requirements an adapter flange is inserted. If necessary the curb can also be fitted with an inserted fall-through-safety grid.

The VenturiAir is available in all sizes from 600 x 600 mm up to 1800 x 2500 mm.