When dealing with a simple warehouse, the planning process remains very clear. Using standard formulae it is possible to split the hall into requisite fire zones and to work out the necessary measures, such as smoke curtains and smoke and heat extractors in the appropriate quantity. The situation is different in the electroplating facility of a metalworking firm, where toxic vapours have to be extracted quickly and everyday ventilation takes on a much greater importance. Or in the food industry, in which special hygiene regulations have to be observed. Our experience built up over many years ranges from power stations and foundries, where enormous exhaust gas temperatures have to be dispelled, includes every branch of industry and extends all the way to cinemas, in which sound insulation plays a key role.

Making use of this experience, our expert partners in each country are able to
help you with advice right from the planning stage in order to devise with you a problem-oriented solution. In this process you receive support in configuring the relevant systems and in calculating the required sizes for adhering to the specified standards, guidelines and regulations. When the solution has been fully planned, our partners implement it for you.